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See what we've done... See what we can do...for you


Corporate retreat dinner buffet
Asparagus salad
Israeli couscous with dried apricots and cherries in a lime vinaigrette
Petite seasonal fruit wedges
Mediterranean potato salad
Chicken thighs Provencal
Herb encrusted pork loin picatta
Poached salmon with Dijon dill sauce


Wedding reception dinner buffet

Fresh fruit bowl with orange champagne toss
Garden greens with an array of organic/raw vegetables, fruits and nuts
Whole smoked salmon
Roasted tenderloin with Bordeaux peppercorn sauce
Lamb Chausser petite chops
Rosemary roasted new potatoes
Roasted brussel sprouts with Bombay dipping sauce


Autumn garden wedding reception buffet

​​​Serves you Right  Greek Salad
Sliced tomato and cucumber salad with creamy dill sauce
Roasted tenderloin with horseradish sauce
Seafood Paella
Asiago mashed potatoes
Cumin carrots
Green beans with almonds


Outdoor summer wedding reception buffet

Field green salad with berry vinaigrette (plated and served)
Creamy pesto pasta salad with summer peas, cucumber and parsley
Club lucky salad with red onion, blue cheese, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette
Grilled asparagus and lemon butter
Roasted red potatoes
Portobella  Parmesan strata with spinach, goat cheese, leeks and mozzarella
Roasted tenderloin with Bearnaise sauce
Cold poached salmon with cucumber dill sauce


Festive family reunion served family style

Door County green salad with dried cherries and berry vinaigrette (plated and served)
Chicken or Vegetable Kabobs with grilled romaine with three dipping sauces
Watermelon, blueberry and feta salad
French potato salad with green beans, red onion and grape tomatoes
Caprice salad with pesto dressing
Vegetable Paella topped with tomato mayonnaise
condiment bowls of olives, cornichon, beets, pickled onions......breads and dipping oils

Intimate wedding lunch    plated and served

Shrimp and horseradish cocktail sauce
Arugula and bib lettuce with avocados, grapefruit and blackberries with raspberry vinaigrette
Lobster Newburg with parsley rice
Asparagus spears and lemon butter
Bakery bistro rolls

Post concert gathering   plated and served

Charcutterie plate with pate, cheese, cornichon, olives and baguette slices
Asparagus and tomato vinaigrette salad
Onion tart
Coquille St Jacques and parsley rice

Anniversary celebration   plated and served

Crab cake with remoulade sauce on a bed of mixed greens
Caprice salad
Cioppino and bowtie pasta
Bistro rolls

 Waterfront tent wedding reception   stations

Vindaloo vegetable curry
Saffron couscous
Chicken tikka skewers
Tomato and onion relish
Cucumber raiti

Baked cheese tortellini with Alfredo sauce
Pasta All'arrabbiatta
Italian meatballs (sans sauce)

Chopped greens with grape tomatoes in a gremolade dressing

Saucy chicken enchiladas
Mexican rice
Watermelon and pineapple salad with jalapenos syrup
Grilled citron shrimp



I hope this gives you some insight as to our

repertoire and that almost all things are



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